Sunday, February 14, 2010

KAIST visit

Thought it might be a good idea to talk about what the club has been doing over the past few weeks. On the 28th of January, 6 KAIST students came over to SPMS. Their main objective was to interview one of the CBC professors, who happened to be Korean, and was actually making it big here.
So the club took this opportunity to host them, because we were actually planning to make a trip to Korea this May. It would be great to know some of the local students such as to better facilitate our school visit.

Everything went excellent that day, in fact better than I'd expected. The photo below is of me giving a presentation about the CNYSP.

After this presentation, we took them around on a campus tour of the PAP/MAS side of SPMS.So this is a picture we took after the tour, and then we went to glutton's bay to have some local delicacies! We managed to satisfy their craving for chilli crab.
Ok, the chilli crab wasn't shown here, but you can see there's Hokkien Mee as well.
So at the end of the day, everyone was happy, and now we have hosts we can go to when we go to Korea!
Overall, this was a very enriching and new experience for me, and I simply enjoyed the thought of 'receiving foreign delegates'. But I think more importantly, there had been quite a lot of preparation and participation from my committee members and friends who showed up that day. I think all of us put in good effort to make this visit a successful one.
Hopefully in the next visit, I can upload the photos on this blog a little faster :)

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