Friday, February 19, 2010

Some reflections on stress

I decided to start the day with a post in this blog, and the topic I'm going to talk about today is stress.

Now I have read from somewhere, I wished I remembered where, that stress is actually a condition caused by wrong beliefs and perceptions. So now people may get very annoyed, how can stress be created by wrong beliefs? The pressure they face in life is real, and it's giving them pain, so how can we just say that stress is wrong?

In my opinion, stress can be managed with the right thoughts. If we just examine a little of how stress works, we realise it's through a series of programming. For instance:

O my goodness! I've slept for 8 hours! Now I only have 16 hours left to do work!


I have so much work to finish! There's no way my week is gonna be pleasant.

Now, how is a person who constantly thinks like that going to ever be happy? Quite impossible isn't it? But what if he now thinks like this:

I've slept for 8 hours, that leaves me 16 good hours to do my work.


I have a lot of challenges this week, but once I'm done with them, o would i be so happy!

See the difference?

So really,managing stress is all about telling yourself the right thing. Like there's a lot of wisdom about how a diamond is really a coal that has been through pressure? Likewise, we must learn to get stress to work for us. If we just twitch our thinking a little, just how much would our management of challenges change?

Then once we're done with ourselves, it's time to go out there and change the world. After all, it's very easy to get influenced by people whom are negative, but it is much more rewarding to be influenced by people whom are positive.

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