Friday, March 12, 2010

How far would you go to be creative?

Project Ahead kick started with its first meeting this semester, and also the first meeting which I attended. A lot of discussion occurred, including my suggestion of a creativity group. This is the topic I would like to talk about in this post. Now before I start to sound too self-centered, I do intend to blog about this first meeting proper once the photos are out.

Now, creativity is developed through a series of powerful, multi-sensory exploration, and sometimes, these explorations take the creative person through a series of roller coaster rides into potentially dangerous yet insightful quests.

For me, I have seen the good and the dark side of creativity, and sometimes I ask myself just how far I would go to develop my creativity. And the answer is always, "as far as required", which essentially means I won't stop.

I am definitely more creative than I was one year ago, and in fact, I have reached the point where I am practically dependent on creativity for my sanity. It thus can be seen that creativity is a self-sustaining entity, my creativity prompted me to be even more creative, because of my desire to explore. So through creativity, I developed creativity. Then after a certain point, it breaks apart the path it had walked, and I am now in a realm of no return. I can only go forward.

I would not think that I am courageous to try taking risks and new things, more like, I often feel a lack of inhibition. To me, some conventionally dangerous things do not seem dangerous, and I just feel like, well, giving it a whack.

Now, another creative revolution is occuring, and more new entities and pathways are being explored. I have began experimenting with different routes to take from hall to school. I am wearing 2 watches, one on each hand, to explore the link between symmetry and ambidexterity. At the moment, there seems to be nothing inhibiting me, nothing at all.

It's a very awesome feeling, yet potentially dangerous. I must learn to master this innate power that I have, or it may turn into something really destructive.

Explore with caution

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